#did he actually rip away shreds from his shirt to make that scarf (x)
Lucha por lo que de verdad importa - Godinez. (via meimportauna-wea)

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Niall on stage in Adelaide tonight - 23.9.13.

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments because 1. Zayn’s fingers are so gentle and soft with Liam 2. The look on Zayn’s face is obviously only intended for Liam and it shows he’s giving him his undivided attention 3. The fact that Liam is continuing to talk just let’s us know that Zayn does this all the time and Liam doesn’t mind because Zayn could do anything to him and it’d still be gentle and loving they are such a gentle couple and this just makes me cry okay


"Hola oye te voy a coquetear pero no quiero ningún compromiso, yo digo para que no te enganches"  

                                                                    -Ningún hombre

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